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Habitaciones / Rooms

Cada habitación cuenta con una temática distinta, inspiradas por la naturaleza y la belleza de la mujer.

Inmersas en la vegetación de la jungla caribeña de Tulum te harán conseguir una experiencia única.

Cuenta con espacios amplios, limpios y con vistas privilegiadas.

Our rooms are designed under the organic concept. Illuminated by solar energy panels. You will live the experience of being in a shared suite with trees that oxygenate your ambient and make you feel part of the whole.
The distinction between medium and large room is given by its size and situation. The largest always offer a well-defined day area, our room with Jacuzzi invites you to enjoy night and day. The common denominator, the beauty and privacy of each of them. Perfect apartments to enjoy Tulum in company.

Spacious, bright, natural spaces combine comfort and category details. Nothing will be similar to this.

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